When ur friends are making fun about stuff you are secretly insecure about



Enough of my chocolate rambles, Easter also means eggs for some reason so have my favourite egg-related video.

"i can't wait for you to die" by elvis depressedly


elvis depressedly - i can’t wait for you to die

you ran away from your uselessness
like you had something to prove
how fucking stupid can you be
to think it wouldn’t follow you?

that’s the way it’s always been

every night you’re a wreck
just crying like a child
all your lies are terrified
and your hungers running wild
and this is what you deserve

you’re pitiful and you’re permanent
and you haunt my broken life
i’m so far from my home by now
there’s no way i will survive
and i can’t wait for you to die


I didn’t know this origin story, but it makes me happy on so many levels.